Homepage Code of Conduct

The AddVision Way

At AddVision, we shape the world of ophthalmology to bring greater vision to everyone. By enabling better eyesight and prolonging the ability to see for more years, we help people stay active, experience the world and contribute to our society. All our actions and ways of conducting our business must serve this purpose while remaining loyal to our values and our vision as a company. Every individual at AddVision is a key player that has the power to have an impact on our company and the world. We are led by four pillars that represent who we are as a company and how we want to act to our customers, suppliers and the world: Agility, Care, Excellence and Integrity.

Business Risk Management

AddVision recognizes its duty to protect the company and workforce from any external or internal threat that could lead to a negative impact on business, people, business partners, or customers. We are working proactively to prevent crises and encourage the whole company to help us maintain a healthy work environment by always acting thoughtfully and with integrity.


AddVision is committed to protecting the environment and acting proactively for a sustainable development. All the sets of our activities should acknowledge and respect this commitment, and our colleagues and business partners involved in those activities should recognize and promote an environmental way of acting and working.


AddVision is committed to high quality at every level of the value chain. We ensure that our products are safe, accurate and of good quality for we are responsible for our customers and their patients, and we ensure that our suppliers comply with our policies. Every individual within the company is working proactively to maintain high-quality standards.

IT Security and Data

AddVision protects its sensitive assets by educating its workforce on data protection and developing tools and protocols enabling us to stay competitive. We acknowledge our duty to protect our business data and that of others, including all third parties involved in our activities. We ensure that all our workforce understand and comply with our data protocol when storing, sharing, or transferring our information or our business partners’. All systems, networks and devices of our company have to be used appropriately.

Labour Standards

AddVision acknowledges its social responsibility towards its workforce and partners. We are deeply committed to offering a healthy, respectful and fair workplace where we will fight against inequalities, unethical practices and discrimination of all forms. We believe empowering our people and bringing diversity into our organization is leading to better achievements.

Professional practices

AddVision is committed to advancing patient care through ethical interactions with the medical community. We do not tolerate corruption, bribery, or anti-competitive practices and do not engage in business with suppliers or customers that we suspect of violating this section.