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AddVision is bringing greater vision to Sweden

AddVision, Europe’s leading independent ophthalmic solutions partner, is launching its business in Sweden.

“We continue to expand our customer base throughout Europe. With our new business in Sweden, we bring Europe’s most innovative and versatile independent portfolio of ophthalmic surgery products and services to the Swedish market, with the support of one unified network and a strong partner to the medical community,” says Dr. Dario Aganovic, CEO of AddVision.”

”With more than 200 suppliers and manufacturers in our group portfolio we can offer life-changing innovations and solutions to our Swedish customers in both the private and public sector,” explains Ingrid Leidner, Sales Manager of AddVision Sweden. “Clinics and surgeons will gain instant access to a wider offering of the best ophthalmic products and technologies.”

AddVision currently operates through own subsidiaries in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, UK, Ireland, and Poland as well as through distribution partners across Europe. Now, Sweden becomes the group’s bridgehead into the Nordic region

Improved outcomes and enhanced reach

AddVision acts independently of large multinational corporations, allowing surgeons and clinics to choose what is best for them. Direct access to preferred products and solutions, innovations, training, and support enables better and more efficient patient care. And for suppliers and strategic partners, who meet our rigorous quality standards, our vast networks provide access to the entire European market and beyond.

Bringing greater vision to everyone 

As an independent network, AddVision brings innovative development to European markets, always offering the right ophthalmic solutions, tailored for the specific needs of patients, clinics, and hospitals – bringing greater vision to everyone. This is expressed in our shared symbol, a simplified eye that is open to the world, new opportunities, and innovations with the potential of helping millions of people regain or improve sight and a new outlook on life.

For more information contact Ingrid Leidner, Sales Manager AddVision Sweden at +46 73 052 7919 / ingrid.leidner@addvision.com , or Dario Aganovic, group CEO AddVision at +46 72 555 1101 /